Spring 2014 Courses and Special Events
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Iowa’s Role in the Civil War **class full**

Healthful, Delicious Herbs: Growing and Cooking **class full**

Understanding Iowa’s Constitution

Flower Arranging and Practical Floristry

The Cuban Revolution

Behind the Scenes at the Des Moines International Airport **class full**

The Renaissance: A Quest For “Virtu”

Preserving the Records **class full**

Des Moines Art Center Theme Tours:
Re-Hanging Pei: Back to the Future
**class full**
Jesper Just: This is a Landscape of Desire
**class full**
Etchasketchathon: The Chapman Brothers
**class full**

Mission of the Modern Zoo: Insight into the Advancement
and Operation of the Blank Park Zoo

How Iowa Met Baseball: The Myths, The History, The Players

Iowa’s Spectacular Spring Songbird Migration

Vikings: Raiders to Rulers **class full**

Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, Luncheon and Tour **class full**

Metal Sculpting: An Art Form

The Power of Sound and Your Well-Being

Iowa Watersheds, Rivers, and Critters: An introduction to River Stewardship

British History, Culture and Landscape **class full**

Des Moines Water Works Tour

Behind the Scenes at the Des Moines Social Club **class full**

Iowa’s Territorial Library Collection

Des Moines and the City Beautiful Movement

Bass Pro Shop Tour with Fly Fishing and Fishing in Iowa Seminar

Rise and Fall of Big Bands

Sculpting With Chocolate **class full**

Greater Des Moines Volkssport Association: A Walking Club

Day Trip to Surprising Fairfield **class full**