Fall 2015 Courses and Special Events
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Basic Ballet & Modern Dance

Become a River Rascal

Barns: Disappearing Landmarks

Des Moines Art Center Theme Tours:
Under the Sea: From Myth to Reality
The Pappajohn Sculpture Park: Theirs or Ours? *full*
Laurel Nakadate: Strangers and Relations

Iowa Artists 2015: Laurel Teckemeyer Sculpture

Death and Dying in the Religions of the World *full*

The American Experiment: The Formative Years *full*

The Cuban Revolution

Bringing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to the Stage
at the Des Moines Community Playhouse

Chair Yoga

Cookin' with Katie:
Hearty Soups for 2 or 10+
Holiday Appetizers *full*

Dart Central Station: Behind the Scenes & Route 60 Bus Ride

Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden Outside Garden Tour *full*

The Drake Observatory, Dr. Daniel Morehouse and Drake University

A Trip Through Iowa’s Military History

Zoo University in Association with Senior College:
September: Sea Lions
October: Aldabra Tortoises
November: Zoo Veterinarians

Walking Tour of Woodland Cemetery *full*

English Country Dance

Behind the Scenes at the Iowa DCI Criminalistics Lab *full*

How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Living Longer, Dying Slower: Social Implications *full*

Iowa’s Ethnic Heritage: A Brief History

Iowa’s Adult Criminal Justice Process

Behind the Scenes at the Des Moines International Airport *full*

Hearts & Homes Teas:
Autumn on the Farm at the Turn of the 20th Century
Holiday Tips from the Early 20th Century *full*

Henry A. Wallace: His Public Service *full*

Voyage to the Bottom of the World:
Antarctica, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island

Religion, Media and Popular Culture *full*

The History of Early Des Moines *full*

Reiki I *full*

Behind the Scenes at the Polk County Jail *full*

Europe and the Holocaust *full*

Behind the Scenes of a 9-1-1 Call Center *full*

Italian Renaissance: Politics and Art Collide *full*

The Healing Touch: Gift of Healing Energy *full*

Difficult Conversations: 10 Things to Share with Your Children