Fall 2014 Courses and Special Events
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“Divine Right” and the Enlightenment

The Bio-Ethics of Aging

Timely Fall Gardening Projects Indoors/Outdoors

How a Bill “Really” Becomes Law

From Gothic to Gourmet: French Culture for Travelers

Des Moines Art Center Theme Tours:
Matisse: Jazz
Halston and Warhol: Siler and Suede

Natalia Goncharova, Olga Rozanova, and the Great War
Mitchell Squire: Iowa Artist 2013

Mindfulness and Meditation: An Introduction

Great Explorations: Humanity’s Quest to Know the World

Autumn in the Herb Garden

Water Treatment and Quality

DART Central Station: Behind the Scenes & Route 60 Bus Ride

A History of the Crusades to the Near East

LifeServe Blood Center

Cookin’ with Katie

Behind the Scenes at the New Polk County Jail

Introduction to Shakespeare’s Theatre

Sustainable Design and Living: Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Corporate Art Collections Tour: The Value of Art in the Corporate Setting

Back to the One-Room School at Bennett School

Hearts & Homes Historic Luncheon

A Photo Tour of Woodland Cemetery

Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden Tour

Iowa’s Common Law—Binding Decisions

Everyday Civility—Thought Diversity Luncheon

Behind the Scenes at the Des Moines International Airport

Tour ABC 5 with Meteorologist Brad Edwards

Historical Climate and Weather of Iowa

Mediation: Solving Problems Where Both Sides Can Win

Iowa’s Role in the Civil War

British History, Culture, and Landscape

Igniting Your Creativity, Naturally

Peru: History, Culture and Landscape

A Safe Home Environment for Seniors